Webinar Series 3: Anxiety in Motherhood: Learn 3 foolproof ways to zap anxious thoughts and return to your center

Emilia George was proudly hosting a special meditation session with the Founder and CEO of Mindful Mamas, Terra LaRock, and Head of Mindfulness and Voice, Carina Devi.

Together with a few dozens of women, we explored three ways mothers can work with anxiety:
Get It Out: Learn tools to release anxiety buildup and overwhelm
Soothe It: Calm your nervous system, body, and mind to get back to the center.
Interview It: Learn to discern whether a worrying thought is an anxiety talking or your intuition.

If you missed the Webinar, you can access the recording right here : )

About Mindful Mamas:

The Mindful Mamas is a maternal wellness company. Recently they launched a self-care and mindfulness app made especially for moms and moms-to-be. With Mindful Mamas, women around the world are learning how to manage stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation; cultivate self-love, and improve their relationships. Mindful Mamas provides busy moms "sips" of self-care that they can fit into their busy day. At Mindful Mamas, they believe that taking care of yourself is a big part of taking care of your children.

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