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Fabi Freixo

Caraiva Long Dress

Caraiva Long Dress

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Fabi Freixo, the brand's namesake creative director, believes in timeless, practical, comfortable fashion and seeks to combine elegance with versatility, developing pieces that move from the beach to the urban universe with a sustainable purpose in its production chain.

In the quest for a lower environmental impact, the brand values ​​conscious fashion, where its main fabric is Jersey with biodegradable yarn, among other conscious raw materials, such as linen and jacquard.

All production is done in Brazil and always carefully choosing a responsible and ethical team, building each piece with care and affection.

Having as the main fabric - the biodegradable mesh produced with elastane and polyamide - the Jersey, created through a Brazilian technology, innovative and pioneering. Its softness and flexibility promote comfortable clothing and ensure the practicality of pieces that do not wrinkle or take up space in travel bags.

The yarn formulation has been improved to allow wefts made from it to break down quickly after disposal. Its decomposition, which previously took decades to occur, now takes less than 3 years, allowing for cleaner fashion and reducing its environmental impacts.

In addition to being a friendlier product to the environment, it also takes care of human skin, with a UV protection factor of 50+ and exemption from toxic products, thus providing breathable garments that hug the skin.

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Comfortable to the touch, long-lasting, well-made, functional yet crisply styled, and eco-friendly women's wear for the mothers-to-be, but also for women at any stages in life.

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