Immunity Vitamin Patch


1 Pack = 15 days supply

Strengthen your defenses with The Patch Brand.

Feeling under the weather? Strengthen your defenses with The Patch Brand. Our peel & stick Immunity Patch is infused with Vitamin C, Zinc Glycinate, Vitamin D, Ginkgo, and Echinacea to give your immune system a natural boost.

How To Use
Place one patch on a relatively hair-free part of the body (we like the inner wrist!). Wear all day (and even night) then remove and replace with a new patch in a slightly different position, allowing the skin to breathe. If there is any adhesive residue left on the skin after use, wash off with warm, soapy water.
Power up! Mix and match patches to blend their effects and support your body’s unique daily wellness needs.
Vitamin C 5 mg, Zinc Citrate 5 mg, Vitamin D 1 mg, Ginkgo Biloba 1 mg, Echinacea 1 mg