Maternity Cycling Short



These patent pending maternity cycling shorts are our favorite product and the reason Evergreen Activewear exists! Cycling during pregnancy and postpartum can be so much fun, but there’s also lots of sensitivity. So we designed a double layer padded short to make sitting on a bike seat much more comfortable, and the extra wide belly band will easily accommodate your growing baby.

For most women, these shorts will land just above the knee, with the extra wide belly band hitting in the middle of the belly (right around your navel). They are soft and flexible yet strong enough to hold you in place, while offering padded support where you need it most. The top seam is made from soft elastic to comfortably stretch over your belly while staying in place. And just like all of our other products, they have our signature thigh pockets to hold your phone, or anything else you may need. Plus they'll support you, before, during and after your pregnancy - Postpartum For Life.