Variety Pack, 05-08 months (3 pack)


The ultimate autumnal-inspired snack for your little one! Savory white beans, crisp apples and nutrient-dense pumpkins make this a flavorful and healthful meal that both you and your little one will love. High in Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin's E and B12, along with 12 other brain-supporting nutrients, this flavor supports the development of their cognitive skills like emotional expression, memory and language. Formulated for babies but suitable for all ages; you never outgrow nutrition! Shake well, then squeeze into a bowl or straight onto a spoon. Refrigerate after opening and serve within 48 hours. Warning: caps may be a choking hazard. Keep caps out of reach of children. Do not microwave. Organic Carrot Pumpkin (1) Organic Pea Spinach Pear (1) Organic Sweet Potato Mango (1)